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Guest information


Call 911 to access all emergency services.

To direct responders to our north gate (where the firewood storage is located) provide the address:

North gate:

30033 Range Road 52
Mountain View County

To direct responders to our south gate (where the day use area and playground are located) provide the address:

South gate:

30027 Range Road 52
Mountain View County


We accept only cash for on-site firewood purchases. Firewood can be purchased in advance via credit card through our site at

All other payments, including reservations and site rental, is made via credit card through


Your reservation fee is not refundable. Fees for your site rental will be refunded if the cancellation request is received 48 hours prior to your arrival. Pre-paid firewood purchases are fully refunded.

Cancellations are made through

Check-in time

Site check in is 15:00.

Check-out time

Campground check out time is 14:00.

Quiet time

Quiet hours in the campground are from 23:00 to 08:00 daily. Generators and other loud appliances and equipment are prohibited during these hours unless authorized by the campground attendant.


Campground guests must not:

  1. leave a fire unattended or allow it to spread; or
  2. dispose of hot coals, ashes, embers or any burning or smoldering material in a place other than a stove, fire pit or other place provided for that purpose; or
  3. leave a fire, hot coals, or smoldering materials without extinguishing them prior to leaving the campsite or the park.
  4. set, light or maintain a fire in a park except in a fireplace, pit or other facilities designed for that purpose.

Fire bans

Current information about fire bans in Mountain View County can be found here.

Current information about provincial fire bans can be found here.


Firewood is available for purchase at $10.00 for a 20 kg bin. Firewood sales are generally provided at your site in the late afternoon. Contact the Camp Attendant for additional sales.


Please be aware:

No lifeguard on duty.

The campground includes locations with both standing and running water. You and everyone in your party use these at your own risk.

No lifeguard services are provided.

All water provided is non-potable

The water provided from the well is non potable, and must not be used for:

  • drinking
  • brushing teeth
  • personal grooming
  • food preparation
  • cleaning of utensils, surfaces or vessels used for food preparation or food storage.

or any other use which risks ingestion of, or contamination by, non-potable water.

Our community

The nearby communities of Water Valley and Cremona provide many businesses and attractions that will make your stay more enjoyable.

With the exception of the North East corner of the park, where it is marked with a fence, the river bed and RR 54 mark the boundary of the campground. All surrounding areas are private property, and we ask that you respect the privacy and serenity of our neighbors.

Motorized vehicles

No person shall operate a motor vehicle within the camp ground except on a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act.

No person shall operate within the campground or ride an off highway vehicle or any other such specialized means of conveyance, whether motor driven or propelled by human power, except for bicycles, vehicles designed to assist the physically challenged, or other special circumstances approved by the campground attendant.

No person shall park or leave a motor vehicle, boat, trailer or camping accommodation unit or permit a motor vehicle, boat, trailer or camping accommodation unit to be parked or left in a park other than in parking areas designated for that purpose by the park operator.


Only the following motor vehicles and camping accommodation units are permitted to be kept in an individual campsite:

  1. Two motor vehicles that are not a camping accommodation unit
  2. In addition to the motor vehicles referred to in (1), one camping accommodation unit of any kind, including a camping accommodation unit that is a motor vehicle
  3. In addition to the camping accommodation unit referred to in (2) above, one tent is permitted.

No more than six (6) people may occupy an individual campsite unless they are all members of a single-family unit.

No person who is visiting a person camped in an individual campsite shall park their motor vehicle or remain at the campsite after 23:00.

Liquor and Cannabis

No person shall contravene the provisions of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act and regulations.

No person shall possess open liquor, other than at their campsite.

No person may use Cannabis, other than at their campsite

When a Park Officer encounters a person committing an offense under the provisions of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, the Park Officer may direct the person to dispose of the liquor.

Firearms and fireworks

No person shall discharge a firearm in the campground.

A person who is in possession of a firearm in the campground shall ensure that the firearm is unloaded and either disassembled or cased, and stored in compliance with the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Firearms Act.

No person shall detonate explosives or other explosive devices or set off fireworks in the campground or day use area.


No person having the custody or control of an animal shall bring the animal into the campground or allow the animal to enter or remain in the campground unless it is in a cage or is restrained by a leash, chain or other device that is not greater than 2 metres in length.

No person having custody or control of an animal shall bring into or allow an animal to enter or remain in or on any area in a park that is a public washroom, public shelter, or other public building or structure

An owner whose animal defecates on park property shall remove forthwith any defecated matter.

The park attendant may refuse to admit to the campground or require to be removed from the campground any animal if in his or her opinion it is not under the control of a responsible person or may be a nuisance or damage to the life, safety, health, property or comfort of any person in the campground.

Site map

Site map

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Site manager

The site manager may be reached at 403 996 0300

Wasterwater disposal

The nearest trailer dump station is located at 111 Main Street East in Cremona.

Applicable bylaw

The Water Valley Campground is a park within Mountain View County and subject to Mountain View County Bylaw No. 21/18, and as such users of the campground should make themselves familiar with this Bylaw.

These instructions provide only a summary interpretation of the impacts of Bylaw 21/18 on Water Valley Campground operations. Where any difference in content or interpretation arises, Mountain View County Bylaw No 21/18 is the authoritative document.

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